Applying for Membership

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I hereby apply for admission to the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Australia and, if admitted, agree to abide by the AAT Australia rules and membership requirements and such alterations or amendments to them as may be made from time to time. I hereby submit details of my work and business experience and qualifications. I accept that my admission is subject to the approval of the AAT Admissions Board.

Membership fees are payable by all applicants prior to admission. Membership fees are payable before 30 June each financial year. Therefore, in the first year of membership, fees are paid as a pro-rata percentage of the annual fees based upon the month of application. New applicants must also pay the full nomination fee. Please see attached fee rate to determine the relevant membership and nomination fees.
What category of membership can I apply for?
If you are not sure of which level of membership you are eligible for, please click here to view the membership structure. 

Select the membership type you are applying for, using the buttons at the bottom of this page.
Complete and submit the application form.
Submit certified copies* of your qualification certificates and transcripts of results (if applicable).
Submit certified copies* of membership certificates of other professional bodies (if applicable).
If applying for Member or Fellow level, please list a referee that AAT Australia may contact to verify your work experience. This person should be your current or most recent employer or if you are self-employed, a qualified accountant or other professional person who can act as your referee. N.B. When applying for membership at the Affiliate level, you do not need to provide a reference.
Send the nomination fee and pro-rata membership subscription fee with the application.

Membership Subscription Rates effective 1 July 2021 valid until 30 June 2022

(All fees are inclusive of GST)

Please include the membership joining fee of $40 with your application in addition to your membership subscription fee.          

  12 Months   $305  $467

If you are an existing Affiliate or Member of AAT Australia and wish to advance to the next level of membership, you can advance for just $40. Click here to read more about advancing your membership.

Membership is valid until 30 June each year

Affiliate Member