Terms and Conditions

In completing this registration form for the ‘AAT HR Advice’ service you acknowledge that you are purchasing a subscription to an HR Advisory service made available by AAT.
AAT have engaged the services of AB Phillips to provide HR advice via this subscription based service. 
AB Phillips advisors are experienced and qualified HR and employment relations professionals. AB Phillips advisors speak in plain-English and provide subscribers with practical HR advice and support. As such, you acknowledge that AB Phillips is an information service provider and not a law firm. You will rely on advice provided by AB Phillips as an HR Management Advisory Service.
You acknowledge:
• Advice AB Phillips provides you will depend on the information you provide and your answers to questions during the interactions with AB Phillips HR Advisors.
• Advice is provided to you as a Bookkeeping Professional on behalf of your Client. We indemnify you where you utilise that information as provided in the circumstances provided.
• Where the Client changes and the circumstances differ, previous advice on similar topics may not be relied upon as the chain of responsibility has broken.