What is an Accounting Technician?

Members and Fellows of AAT Australia are qualified bookkeepers and BAS agents whose skills and experience are acknowledged as far more than just the traditional bookkeeper role of historical data entry and record maintenance.

‘Accounting technician’ is a globally recognised term for professionals in the accounting industry and indicates the modernisation and evolution of bookkeeping into a more involved and proactive advisory role.

An accounting technician is an expert consultant, qualified and skilled to support a successful business's bookkeeping and accounting needs in today's online and global business environment.

Accounting technicians are the bookkeepers and BAS agents who have evolved their services to provide a range of services that support business owners. They are business process and systems analysts, software conversion and implementation experts, business advisers, software trainers, compliance specialists, HR intermediaries, payroll wizards and a welcome relief for business owners!

Accounting technicians may or may not have the same qualifications as an accountant. Bookkeepers can evolve and expand their skills and qualifications in several ways, depending on their interest and abilities. Pathways to accounting and tax agent qualifications are separate from the bookkeeping pathway. However, with the introduction in 2020 of the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping and Accounting, we expect there will be more integration in the future.

Membership with AAT reassures prospective clients that you are a recognised Accounting Technician and the most qualified professional to support their needs.

Certified Accounting Technician

In July 2020, AAT became a member of the IPA Group. In 2021, we released our bespoke Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) program. The program is designed specifically for accounting technicians and is unique in the industry. It ensures that AAT and IPA BAS agent members are fully compliant and aware of the rules, regulations, standards, IPA by-laws and pronouncements that apply to them. In addition, it provides a wealth of information and resources relevant to accounting professionals. 

The CAT certification sets a new standard and brings a unique level of recognition for technicians in the marketplace, along with expanded career possibilities.

The program provides 18 hours of Continuing Professional Development and many invaluable practical resources. 

The program is divided into three sections.

Accounting Technician in Place contains three modules dedicated to all the things you need to know before you go into practice, such as business planning fundamentals, ethics, registrations and professional education.

Accounting Technician in Practice contains three modules focussing on practical matters you need to know once you are in practice, such as insurances, engagement letters, fees, security, and hiring people.

Accounting Technician in Business contains three modules centred on evolving your business, including marketing, advisory services, digital business, wellbeing and sustainability.

If you’d like to know more about the CAT program, contact us on 1800 625 625 or email [email protected].