Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enhances your knowledge and allows you to remain up to date with legislative, technical and professional accounting standards changes.
As a condition of your ongoing membership (excluding honorary, retired, life and student members) you are required to:

  • Complete 15  hours of CPD  each year

  • Keep a record of your CPD activities- the record is to be retained for a minimum of five years after the end of the three year period and made available during an audit

If you would like a detailed description on CPD requirements, please view the recording below:


There are a number of activities and training you can undertake as CPD, including:

  • seminars, workshops, webinars, courses and lectures
  • structured conferences and discussion groups (including by phone or video conference)
  • tertiary courses provided by universities, registered training organisations (RTOs), other registered higher education institutions or other approved course providers
  • other education activities, provided by an appropriate organisation
  • research, writing and presentation by a registered tax (financial) adviser, tax or BAS agent of technical publications or structured training
  • peer review of research and writing submitted for publication or presentation in structured training
  • computer/internet-assisted courses, audiotape or videotape packages
  • attendance at structured in-house training on tax related subjects by persons or organisations with suitable qualifications and/or practical experience in the subject area covered
  • attendance at appropriate Australian Taxation Office (ATO) seminars and presentations
  • a unit of study or other CPE activity on the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (TASA) including the Code of Professional Conduct (Code).
  • Information sessions related to Cyber Security risks and protections
  • Undertaking the qualification FNS50217 Diploma in Payroll Services

CPD hours are not exclusive to attending events but can also include preparing and presenting at events and reading relevant newsletter publications.  Unstructured CPD (reading, research etc) is limited to 25% of total CPD hours.


All records of CPD activities must include:

Date of activity
Provider name
Title of activity / description
Whether activity is structured or unstructured
Number of hours

You can use our CPD Records Feature to keep track of all your CPD activities in one central place. If you would prefer to track your CPD activities manually, you can download our CPD Records template.


Each year we conduct a CPD audit on a random selection of members.

If you are selected for an audit, it is mandatory to participate and you must provide a record of your CPD activities. Participation in the CPD audit qualifies you for 2 hours of CPD.
A failure to comply may result in a suspension / forfeiture of membership as detailed under the provisions set out in the AAT Australia By-Laws.

In special circumstances, we may grant exemptions from CPD requirements (such as protracted health problems, maternity leave or other exceptional circumstances). Requests for an exemption must be in writing and addressed to the Manager, Assurance and Compliance setting out the reasons for the exemption.

For further information or guidance on CPD activities, please click here or email compliance@aat.org.au.