Bookkeeping is changing and far from redundant
I keep reading articles that claim there will be no role for bookkeepers within the next few years. It does make me laugh a little when I realise how little understood it is what bookkeepers actually do!

Technology is changing what bookkeepers do, how they do it and even creating fantastic opportunities to provide bigger and better support to business.  Technology is also improving a bookkeeper’s own bottom line, even handing back the gift of time. Bookkeeping has been around for thousands of years and over that time the process of 'keeping the books' has changed markedly, from abacus to calculator and manual ledger to computerised accounting... and now automation and AI are assisting again to improve and streamline the process further, meaning that a greater focus can be achieved on more valuable outcomes for business owners.  Bookkeepers are now able to spend more time analysing and interpreting the story that their balance sheet and profit and loss, along with other financial indicators, are telling them about the health and well-being of their business so that this can be managed, manipulated and continually improved. Bookkeepers today, are also able to service more clients if they choose. Bookkeepers today may choose to use the time saving processes to have a better work/life balance.

The changes in technology in the bookkeeping process have many consequences, redundancy of the bookkeepers’ role is certainly not one of them.