COSBOA Report on a Survey of the Events, Responses and Impact of COVID-19

The Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) represents the interests of a number of small business associations. The council advocates for small business issues ranging from taxation to workplace relations and competition laws and was set up in 1979 to be a voice for small business in recognition that the issues faced by small business are very different from large business. 

COSBOA has released an in-depth report on lessons learned from the time of COVID-19 called The Small Business Perspective. 

This is an interesting report that seeks responses from small business industry organisations to assess the impact of the coronavirus on small business, providing direct insights into how small businesses managed during COVID-19.

The survey's key reason was to take a serious look at what lessons we have learned and what we could do better in the future if we face similar events. One of the biggest lessons the report discusses is the need for consultation in facing a crisis.  

It's an extensive report at 152 pages, but now that the worst is over and we can stand back with a bit of distance to look at the last year's events, this report is well worth a read. 

COSBOA – The Small Business Perspective (full report)
COSBOA – The Small Business Perspective (summary)