Fair Work Ombudsman Employer Advisory Service

The FWO has released a free Employer Advisory Service (EAS) for small business employers to provide eligible businesses with free tailored advice on entitlements, award provisions and pay information.

The service allows employers to talk to an adviser to get specific written advice relevant to the employer’s situation.

Employers must have less than 15 employees and be covered by the Fair Work system to be eligible for the service. Employers must first make an enquiry by ringing the FWO or lodging an online query through their FWO account. The FWO will refer the employer to the EAS if the business is eligible, and the EAS can address the question. 

The EAS guarantees information provided to employers. If guidance has been sought from the EAS and followed by the employer, and that advice later turns out to be incorrect, the FWO won't take action against the employer. 

FWO - Employer Advisory Service