Income Tax and Commercial Law for Bookkeepers

Income Tax and Commercial Law for Bookkeepers

The Commercial and Taxation Law program guides you through the key legislation and legal systems which impact bookkeepers and businesses in Australia, including:

  • An overview of the Australian legal system
  • Contract law
  • Agency
  • Business structures
  • Negligence and tort law
  • Real, personal and intellectual property law
  • Consumer protection law
  • Income tax law and its administration
  • Tax objections, appeals and reviews
  • Tax crime and compliance issues

The content is broad, and highlights practical issues faced by business owners and bookkeepers. There is a strong focus on developing knowledge to empower you to take an active role in identifying possible compliance issues for clients, and to point them in the right direction.

Like AAT's other Advanced level courses, this program is designed to complement your core technical skills and knowledge.

Your investment in The Income Tax and Commercial Law for Bookkeepers Program is
Member $440 (inc GST)
Non-member & Student member $660 (inc GST)

If you are interested in this course, please email [email protected].

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